Geocaching is an activity in which one dork hides a box or a tub or some other tiny thing somewhere in the world and logs its GPS coordinates so that some other dork can find it.

We are those other dorks. We are the Geocachers.

On Geocachers we meet up with some of our favorite musicians, comedians, writers, and all-round entertainers to explore New York, one geocache at a time. Sometimes we start at a bar – although sometimes we don’t – and our adventures take us through parts of the neighborhoods you don’t usually get to see, while the conversation with the guests likewise leads you down unchartered territory: Paul Dempsey talks about physics; Nick Diamonds talks about baseball.

Geocachers is a show about getting together with friends to explore our great city.


Sam Osterhout is the host of Geocachers. You may also know him from Radio Happy Hour – the New York-based radio-show-that’s-not-on-the-radio – or from the Electric Arc Radio Show – the Minneapolis-based radio-show-that’s-not-on-the-radio.

Geocache handle Ostermami
Dustin Nelson produces Geocachers. He Geocaches in Queens and Minneapolis, and wherever these things goes. He lives here and here.

Geocache handle dlukenelson
Erick Fix shoots and edits Geocachers. He once gave a presentation in college about his post-grad plans to find the lost treasure of St. Helena in the center of the South Atlantic (filming it all of course) and also makes short films which can be found at

Geocache handle Enterthefix
Justin D. Wright runs audio and composes original music for Geocachers. His music and writing can be found on and He ranges from mild-mannered to googly-eyed, and is six-foot two-inches tall.
Will Clark made the motion graphics/website for Geocachers and on occasion holds a boom mic. On rare occasions holds a long spoon. His personal work can be found at and

Geocache handle Wtcrossing

If you're interested in appearing on an episode of Geocachers please contact dustin at dlukenelson[at]gmail[dot]com

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w/ Total Babes
"Stuyvesant Cove"
w/ Paul Dempsey
"Second Avenue El"
w/ Rogue Valley
"NY Yankee #49"
w/ Nick Diamonds
"Red Hook, the Neighborhood"
w/ Langhorne Slim and the Law
w/ Thousands
"In Memory of Teddy"
w/ Ólöf Arnalds
"Mrs. Tree's Treasure"
w/ Smoke Fairies

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